[SGAM 2015] Let’s Play Braunstein! Part 4 – Four Is Death

Alright, let’s go back to the Braunstein. When we last left them off, Skyla and Drake are gonna fight, while the DJ and the Assassin have gotten to the bottom of the assassination… But they’re not saying anything. Well, time for us to settle this conflict once and for all. As we noted back in Part 1, Skyla’s forces are a bit crippled.

[Q: Does the last Army Captain want in on the battle? A: 1]

No, he’s not, and, he’s occupied with the rats.

So it’s just Drake and Skyla. Alright, now I’m actually gonna set this up and play it like a war game. I even have a base set of rules of soloing a war game just for this occasion. Said rules also instruct that I roll a random event.

[Roll: 3]

So, the goal of this changes. To what? Hm… It could also say the thread changes.

[Roll: 2]

So, the thread that changes is “Who Claims The Throne?”, the catch-all thread regarding the mayor’s successor. The Wolf comes out of nowhere and claims that he should be the one to claim the throne. With a snap of his fingers, several civilians come, with those brain slugs on their heads.

Oh, yeah, we saw that coming. The Wolf claims that he will alter the DNA of the slugs so that they’ll completely overtake the feeble minds of the civilians (using the ingredient from the newspaper headline) and take over Braunstein. Well, let’s not have him do any of that.

Initiative will go to me. Despite my character (Drake) being a Captain of the Navy, he has three armored cars. For the sake of fairness, I’ll say they rank at a 3 (the game I’m using to simulate war games is tiered in five parts, five being toughest) and have one run down a crowd. It manages to catch three.

[Roll To Hit: 3 hits, 3 kills, since civilians have 1 Quality, making them pretty weak]

The car mows them down with ease. I’ll have it so that Drake and the army got into Armored Cars. One of them is heading towards The Wolf’s army of brainwashed men, while two are heading for Skyla.

Speaking of, Skyla’s turn. She has her apaches fire at the cars. Because of their armored ability, they are at a quality of 4 when being attacked, which makes it more difficult to destroy.

[Roll to Hit: 1 hit, one destruction]

[Q: Do the people perish among the fires? A: 3]

[Twist? 6, no Twist]

No, but they’re gonna have to roll a survival check to get out alive.

[Wound Roll: four dead]

Only one person came out to the hail of gunfire.

[Roll To Hit: 6 Hits, killing him]

And he is gunned down. Skyla will try to destroy the other Armored Car. Now the civilians from will try to claw at the Armored Car.

[Roll to hit: Nope]

And she fails. Now it’s the Wolf’s turn. His civilians will try to destroy the Armored Car.

[Roll To Hit: None]

And the Wolf will have his turn.

[Roll to Hit: None]

And he fails too. Alright, round over. I’ll now roll a D6, if it’s lower than 3, we get a twist.

[Twist Roll: 3]

We have a Twist.

[Twist: 6]

The scene ends. Alright, I guess we can have a break.


I guess we’ll focus back on the Assassin and the DJ and focus on Week 3’s Ingredients (I’m so far behind that I have to number the weeks).

[Story Cubes: A flower, A high rise building (could be any tall structure) A die!]

I really don’t want to write up “Then the Assassin and the DJ enter the building to find that Flowey from Undertale is a CEO in Braunstein.” Thankfully, I don’t need to.

I saw the two images and suddenly, this image appeared in my head.


Get a tissue box ready, this has a bit of a sad story.

Earlier this year, Monty Oum, creator of 3D animated stuff like RWBY and Haloid, passed away due to medical complications. Someone decided to pay a touching tribute by heading over to the company he worked with, Rooster Teeth, and spread roses out in front of the building. Why roses? Because they were a symbol in RWBY and associated with the phrase “thus kindly, I scatter”.

The DJ and the Assassin notice something similar outside the building they were going to. The dice, however, comes in deciding a few factors.

  1. Is this a loving tribute or a foreboding calling card? (Odds for former, Evens for latter. Roll… 6.) It’s a foreboding calling card.
  2. Where is it at? [Roll: 4 – The Army Base]

Well, crap. That’s where the Army is fighting rats.

It also introduces our next player in this Game of Chair That Is in a Mayor’s Office That Barely Qualifies as a Thrones.


[NPC Relationship: 10, Hostile]

He’s too busy for a conversation right now. He’s busy taking on about twenty-four giant rats… out of the hundred that his team had slaughtered in the previous parts. As usual, PCs go first, NPCs go next.

[Twist Roll: 3, Thread/Goal changes]

[Thread? Where Did The Rats Come From]

Hm… So instead of mutated rats bio genetically engineered, they’re instead freakishly huge rats? Okay.

So I’ll have the Asssassin sneak up on one of the rats and try to stab them. I’ll make it an in-game effect where he has advantage (roll two six-sided dice, but keep the highest)

[Roll To Hit: Hit one, one wound.]

Alright, so that’s one hurt. The DJ will stay back and assess the situation. Surge, on the other hand, will charge in while his team fires into the crowd of rats.

[Roll To Hit From Surge: One Kill]

[Roll To Hit From Army: Seven hits, Two kills]

Well, seems the Army’s doing better. Unfortunately, the rats have a go.

[Q: Do they zerg rush? A: 4]

Yes, they do, but only when their front line is down. The rats will attack, two hoping to hit Surge, and one hoping to hit the Assassin.

[Roll to Hit: One hit, One Kill]

And just like that, the rat bits right into Surge’s jugular and ripped it out. Surge falls onto the floor, dead.

[Roll to Hit: One miss]

At some point, I think I skewered the rules a bit and forgot that rolling over the number means a hit when doing shooting and under means a save when doing wounds.

Anyways, new round, new event:

[Roll: 2. Positive Thing happens]

You know what? Screw it. That Surge that was killed? Just a body double. The real Surge comes in with a freaking tank! I’m gonna try doing a sort of scatter die thing where I roll two dice, one being if it’s a direct hit or if it moves a bit to the side, and another telling me how many inches.

[Roll: Intended hit moves four inches north.]

This will hit the assassin in the process. So the tank fires and hits eight rats and the Assassin.

[Roll To Hit (Rats): Six hits, three kills]

[Roll To Hit (Assassin): One hit, one kill]

And… sadly, in place of Surge, the Assassin is the one that dies in the fire.

[Q: Did he fake his death like Surge? A: 5. Yes!]

And I rolled an extra die for a twist which landed on 3. Time for a twist.

[Roll: 1. New NPC/Thread]

Alright, I think I know who to employ for this. He’ll come in after the move from the Army.

[Roll: 7 hits, 7 kills]

Standing among the slain rats is their leader, arms parted as if to say: “Come at me, bro.”


I tried hard to give this guy another name, but you just can’t beat Tony Stark

Stark IconSo, like my state of the art weapons?

Surge IconYou made rats your state of the art weapons? That’s stupid.

Stark IconWell, I wouldn’t say that when half your army was devoured by them.

Sagara IconSo, you’re behind these creations?

[Question roll, modified by +2: 3]

Stark IconNo. But I did create the serum that induced growth hormones onto these rats.

v iconI take it that someone else had those rats…

Stark IconWell, it’s obvious that these rats aren’t mine. I mean, do you think I have rats running around my factory?

Surge IconWell… It is messy.

Stark IconOh please! The DJ of all people would know if that was the case.

Sagara IconYeah. His place is cleaner than a Mr. Clean commercial. No, I think I know now who has these rats… I’ve known this from the beginning. The person who owned these rats was someone with close ties to the mayor.

Stark IconWell, that could be anyone.

Sagara IconAnd had to have a hand in his death.

Surge Icon… Oh crap.

Stark IconWell, I’d love to stay and chat, but I’m interrupting the rats’ dinner. Ciao.

And he leaves, with the rest of the horde of rats ready to feast. We’ll cut back to them as we conclude the war between Skyla and Drake.

The round will begin with Drake getting out of his car and try to knock the Wolf out. Since Drake is a captain, he has a quality of 3, but the Wolf is just a businessman with a quality of 2.

[Roll to hit: One Hit, One Kill Knockout]

Drake successfully knocks out the Wolf.

[Q: Does that knock out the civilians? A: 4]

Yes, it does, but not before they make one final claw.

[Roll to hit: 0 Hits]

And they fall onto the ground. The army of five get out and open fire on Skyla’s own army.

[Roll to Hit: 3 hits, 3 wounds]

Skyla’s turn. She’ll have her men fire at the others now.

[Roll To Hit: 3 hit, 3 kills]

Skyla will fire at the car to try and make it blow up.

[Roll To Hit: One miss]

And she fails. Round’s over, what’s the twist?

[Roll: 4]

NPC is killed or the thread’s resolved… It’d be logical to say that the Wolf died instead. So yeah, the Wolf was the first to be eliminated from the race to Mayorhood. His forces are eliminated and now it’s Skyla vs. Drake. Drake’s gonna try and finish this by running over Skyla and her men.

[Roll To Hit: (Soldiers) 5 Hits, 1 Wound (Four Kills), (Skyla) One Miss, (He also hit an apache) One Hit, One Kill]

[Q: Does the car explode? A: 1]

No, and the Apache doesn’t explode too. This results in Drake being in a tough pickle as it leaves him stuck. By this point, I realized I forgot to do twists for the thing, so I’ll roll them now.

[Roll: snake eyes]

So I got two twists.

[Roll: 2 & 3]

So a positive thing happens that changes a goal or a thread.

[Roll: 2]

Who Claims The Throne? Hm… I guess the goal will change to who can exit the battlefield the fastest.

But first, let’s see if Drake’s men can kill Skyla’s.

[Roll To Hit: One Hit, One Kill]

And now Skyla’s turn.

[Roll To Hit: One Hit, One Kill]

So they’re evenly spread.

[Q: Will Drake’s man have time to fire? A: 4]

Yes, but Skyla’s men will counter fire.

[Roll To Hit: One Hit, One Kill]

And they take out the last of Drake’s marines. Without opposition, Skyla will make a break for it as Drake is powerless to get out of the car jam he put himself in.

Let’s cut back to the other guys now.

Let’s commence the new round with an event.

[Roll: 6]

Scene ends… even though we just begun. Alright, how about we just do one more round, then wrap things up for this session? Cool? Cool. The army men will take a shot at the rats.

[Roll To Hit: Seven hits, four kills]

They take out some of the rats. Surge is gonna activate his Leader ability, which allows him to, so long as he rolls over four on the dice, controls up to three units. Unfortunately, the unit’s already activated, so Surge is just gonna shoot a rat.

[Roll To Hit: One Hit, One Kill]

Now it’s the rats’ turn. They rush over. Two of them will take on the Assassin, three will try to kill Surge, and one will attack a soldier.

[Roll To Hit (Surge): 2 hits, one kill]

[Roll To Hit (Assassin): One hit, no kills]

[Roll To Hit: (Soldier): Miss]

And with that, Surge is finally killed, knocking him off the race to being the mayor. We end our session there and we will finally finish off this long, long game next session… which will probably be next year.

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