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Alright, so I’m gonna be slowly but surely head back into solo RPing after a few weeks hiatus. But I figure at least one more Stat It should work before I begin. I’ll focus on the Stat It first. Now, instead of statting a character, I’m gonna stat an entire setting. Now, it’s not much of a new thing. Game Masters homebrew settings all the time, and heck, a lot of my games take place in homebrew settings.

But there are games where it teaches you how to make and stat your own setting. The Strange is a good example of this with the Recursions, alternate planes of reality. However, we are instead looking at Spark, which also has a Fate compatible version for fans of the system. For this, we’ll look at the former.

Spark has a unique feel to it. It’s less a role-playing game and more a collaborative storytelling game, not unlike Fiasco or A Flower for Mara. However, it does have RPG stats and more trimmings from RPGs than its storytelling brethren. It has everyone chip in to make a great experience. Part of that is being able to make your own setting with your friends. It’s actually the driving feature of the game, being able to create your own setting with ease.

So, how does it work? Well, that’s gonna be tricky, given how Spark is meant to be played with other people and thus allow people to spitball ideas. However, I managed to make other games solo, so this would be an easy job.

The first step is listing your favourite media. This can range from books, to movies, to television shows. For this, I figure I’d list one of each major format of media.

  1. Once Upon A Time
  2. Nabari No Ou
  3. Kingdom Hearts
  4. Alex Rider
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy

Once that’s done, you then write up aspects that you liked from those medias.

  1. Dual personas
  2. A hidden world of ninjas
  3. Multiple worlds based off works
  4. Espionage
  5. Ragtag bunch of misfits

Next up is describing the genre. I’m definitely thinking of this to be more of an Urban Science Fiction. Even if it doesn’t directly describe space, the idea of worlds fitting more in line with Kingdom Hearts is a fitting description. Next up is establishing facts, in which I have to link those five aspects together to say what the setting runs on.

  1. Dual personas + Hidden World of Ninjas = Ninjas live among us as different people by day.
  2. Dual personas + Multiple Worlds based on Works = Not only that, but people from other worlds live among us in secret.
  3. Dual personas + Espionage = Most people who have double lives use them to spy on people.
  4. Dual personas + Ragtag bunch of misfits = Most people wind up forming bonds with both sides of a character who has a double life.
  5. A hidden world of ninjas + Multiple Worlds based on Works = A chunk of the ninjas that exist in our world came from worlds full of ninjas.
  6. A hidden world of ninjas + espionage = The ninjas are spying on our world for reasons they won’t explain to the common man.
  7. A hidden world of ninjas + Ragtag bunch of misfits = Ninjas work in teams of four a la Naruto; three rookies and a veteran to act as mentor.
  8. Multiple Worlds based on Works + Espionage = There’s also a lot of spying on other worlds as well.
  9. Multiple worlds based off works + Ragtag Bunch of Misfits = Travel between worlds creates camaraderie between people.
  10. Espionage + Ragtag bunch of misfits = However, some friendships are easily exploited for even more spying.

There’s a lot of spying going around. Perhaps this is the Cold War RPG I’ve been waiting for? Heh, we’ll see. So next I must decide on a title… This might be a little hard, but let me see what I can come up with… How about…

Spies Glazing Over: Crossover Urban Sci-Fi Espionage

Yeah, that can work. Next on the list is coming up with setting beliefs. This is usually a fact of the world that a large group submits to, yet something that can be challenged and even changed. It needs to be short, subjective, and controversial.

  • Those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.
  • Everyone is a miserable little pile of secrets.
  • And I’ll borrow one from the book: The secrets of our world will destroy us.

Now I get to rank attributes. There are four attributes, each good at a different task:

  • Body: Physical tasks
  • Mind: Mental tasks
  • Heart: Emotional tasks
  • Spark: Dramatical tasks. This is essentially the story telling attribute.

The four attributes and their strength dictate how the game will be played. So…

  • Strong: Heart [D10]
  • Good: Mind and Body [D8]
  • Poor: Spark [D6]

There’s gonna be a lot of emotional strife with secrets being exposed and friendships turning sour. On top of that, people are in a world where you have martial artists who are trained in tricking the mind.

The last few steps are creating the NPCs for the setting. First up are the factions. These factions have mandates that either confirm or refute the beliefs of the world. So I figure I’ll create one for each.

  • Faction 1
    • Faction Name: MI6
    • Faction Mandate: Find out the secrets of their spying rivals. [Confirms “Everyone is a miserable little pile of secrets”.]
  • Faction 2
    • Faction Name: Home Office
    • Faction Mandate: Expose the secrets of the world [Refutes “The secrets of our world will destroy us.”]
  • Faction 3
    • Faction Name: Sherry Corps
    • Faction Mandate: Improve relations between our world and other worlds through a buddy system [Confirms “Those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.”]

Then the faces to those factions…

  • Face 1
    • Face Name: Bonny Jameson
    • Strengths: Firearms, Driving
    • Weakness: Romance
  • Face 2
    • Face Name: Harriet Chaser
    • Strengths: Charisma, Wisdom
    • Weakness: Strength
  • Face 3
    • Face Name: Sherry Paoh
    • Strengths: Ki attacks, Illusions
    • Weakness: Easily Forgiving

And their ties…

  1. M16 + Home Office = Mutual relationship. They trade secrets with each other, provided it benefits them.
  2. MI6 + Sherry Corps = Distrustful relationship. MI6 and Sherry Corps are bitter enemies.
  3. Home Office + Sherry Corps = Symbiotic relationship. Sherry Corps funds Home Office with some of their agents.

And the last step’s their agendas. What scheme they’re cooking when we begin the game.

  • MI6’s Agenda: Uncover the identity of a celebrity and where they came from.
  • Home Office’s Agenda: Leak hundreds of Government files to the internet for all to see.
  • Sherry Corps’ Agenda: Create a community in a small town.

And that’s it. We’re confirmed for an espionage RPG. Who am I gonna stat out for this game? Well, that’s another post for another time.

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